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Home > Products > Expandable hose Garden-hoses CV-EHA1(12M) Light blue
Expandable hose Garden-hoses CV-EHA1(12M) Light blue
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Update date 2017-12-15 09:56
Expandable hose 

Length : 7.5mm , 10mm , 3.8mm , 5.8 mm  

Material : TPE Polyester

The new elastic G-hose can be extended by two times, from 7.5 to 15 meters, 

compared to conventional hoses that are prone to elastic fatigue and cracks caused by. 

The specially structured joint in G-hose perfectly prevents water leak no matter how long it has been used. 

Smooth, compact surface makes G-hose unlikely to tangle, but easy to retract into our company’s patented hose reel.